Complied GMP Pharma Syrup Filling Capping and Labeling Packaging Line Jan 12 , 2022

Pharma Syrup Filling Capping and Labeling Packaging Line

Pharma Syrup Vial Filling and Capping Machine or vial filler and capper is monoblock filling stoppering and capping machine for pharmaceutical glass vials. Machine having specially designed SS 316L filling pump for accurate filling. Vial filler and sealer machine consists of turntable, stainless steel slat conveyor belt, unique eccentric pre-gassing, filling and post-gassing. Highly efficient and precision built Stainless Steel 316L Syringes, non- toxic synthetic rubber tubing and easy reach compact panel.

The minimal distance between vial filling and stoppering units reduces the risk of contamination. The machines are designed for operation in a sterile area and for use under laminar flow protection. The un-scrambler itself has been redesigned to eliminate dead ends and difficult-to-clean spots. Injectable Liquid Filling Machine can fill 2ml to 250ml vials  dosages. Lab/pilot scale to production scale machines available which provide production output ranging from 20 BPM to 250 BPM.

Types of Pharma Syrup Filling and Capping Machines
Pharma Syrup Filler and Capper Machine
Monoblock Vial Filler Capper
Vial Filling and Sealing Machine

Types of Filling Stoppering Mechanisms
We offer below types of filling stoppering capping mechanisms in our vial filling machines:
1. Piston Pumps mechanical operated
2. Piston Pumps operated by Servo Motors
3. Peristaltic Pump Filling Operation
4. Mechanical operated Stoppering Unit
5. Vacuum type Stoppering Unit
6. Flip-off Cap Sealing
7. PP Capping

Exclusive Features of Pharma Syrup Filling and Sealing Machine
Compact footprint cGMP complied models.
2ml to 250ml fill dosage compatibility.
Filling accuracy of ±0.5% – 1% depends upon fluid & vial types.
“No Vial – No Filling” system feature.
In-feed Turn Table/ Unscrambler attached with the machine for automatic feeding of vials.
All Contact Parts Made from AISI SS 316L & framework by AISI SS 304.
No cross contamination.
Easy to validate filling system for small/large batch production.
Variable A.C. frequency drive for speed adjustment.
Digital Vial Counter for counting production output.
On-line Mechanism.
IQ/OQ validation documents can be offered.
PLC system with Graphical User Interface.


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